Broadlawn's Medical Center


Broadlawns Medical Center is an acute care, community hospital, supported by several specialty clinics that serve the medical,surgical, mental health and primary health care needs of the residents of Polk County. Additionally Broadlawns provides highly respected training programs for health care professionals. To learn more about us, please visit our web site at www.broadlawns.org

A message from CEO Jody Jenner.

At Broadlawns, our team members work together to ensure that you and your loved ones experience quality care that is coordinated, compassionate, and cost-effective.  Our approach has a specific name in the healthcare industry: Medical Home Care Delivery Model.

It’s a relatively new term, but not a new philosophy. Over the course of 90 years, Broadlawns has developed patient-centered culture that is comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, and focused on quality. This approach delivers positive results on many levels: better outcomes, happier and healthier patients, lower costs, and a place where physicians and employees choose to work.

So welcome to our world: a spacious medical campus with 66 physicians, 1,000 employees, 20 specialty clinics, and much more.

Here you will find dedicated, caring team members with one purpose: Working together to care for you.

Jody Jenner, President and CEO

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