University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Iowa City

Job Description

The Admissions and Enrollment Services Counselor/Evaluator supervises/coordinates the overall electronic processing of applications to the Doctor of Medicine degree program including application processing, and systems support and development involving various constituencies, such as Health Care Information Services (HCIS), UI Office of Admissions and UI Information Technology (UI-IT), the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), as well as assist with recruitment of prospective students.


Recruit Students: Promote the University to the Public:

Provide information and guidance to prospective students and their families regarding university programs, student life, and admission policies and procedures.

Implement and assess recruitment programs and services as determined by leadership

Consult with and explain admission policies and procedures to other educational institutions and external organizations.

Assist with advising unsuccessful applicants.

Application Processing and Evaluation/Credit Evaluation

Design, implement, and refine the application process, including the web-based secondary application and the web-based staff and admissions committee review processes.

Counsel and advise prospective, current, and former students, parents, faculty and staff concerning admission policies, procedures, and application materials.

Coordinate admission/application activities with faculty, programs, departments, schools, colleges, and administrative offices, including distribution of application data.

Serve as application processing designated school official with AMCAS, including point of contact on all data downloads.

Serve as contact person for admissions subcommittees, including involvement with other staff.

Select candidates for automatic interview invitation.

Coordinate the planning of Admissions Committee meetings, subcommittee meetings, and workshops; compose minutes for meetings.

Systems Support and Development; Data Analysis, Research, and Reporting

Assist with implementation of IT solutions. Gather, design and implement web-based and other systems. Develop, implement and maintain data systems.

Research and design statistical reports regarding admission trends both at CCOM and nationally, including the MCAT, CCOM alumni.Provide profiles annually.

Analyze and communicate research with key stakeholders annually.

Work closely with CCOM Information Technology staff to enhance the online application, and CCOM inventory and database processes.

Determine whether applicants meet course requirements. Make routine decisions based on established criteria.


1-3 years of related admissions experience in a university setting is required.

Proficiency in electronic communication, including working with multiple databases and software applications is required.

Ability to communicate effectively with a diverse population, including international/foreign born students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Demonstrated experience developing and presenting materials to a diverse audience with successful outcomes.

Ability to develop and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders to achieve shared outcomes.

Ability to travel; possess a valid drivers license and the ability to meet and maintain the UI Fleet Safety Standards.

Candidate must enjoy working with applicants, students, staff, faculty and prospective students and their families.


$40,000.00 to Commensurate