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Job Description

Performs routine and more advanced respiratory and diagnostic procedures.

Draws arterial or capillary blood sample from patient and performs blood gas analysis.

Using his/her knowledge of the principles of growth and development and related needs, communicates and intervenes in a manner appropriate to the age of the patient served which includes:
Birth-28 days: Neonate
1-18 Months: Infant
18 Mo-3 Yrs: Toddler
3-6 Yrs: Pre-School Aged
6-12 Yrs: School-Aged
12-18 Yrs: Adolescents
18-65 Yrs: Adults
65+ Yrs: Geriatrics

Performs cardiac diagnostic testing.
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Associates degree in Respiratory Therapy from Co-Arc accredited program.

Minimal NBRC credentialed as a Certified Respiratory Therapist, Registered Respiratory Therapist within one year of hire.

Licensed as a Respiratory Care Practitioner in the state of Iowa.

BLS; ACLS preferred; NRP if working in NICU. Mandatory Reporter.