*Social Worker/Mental Health Counselor/Masters

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Job Description

Implements individualized services to meet the psychosocial needs of patients and their families enabling patients to properly utilize medical care and health resources in achieving their optimal level of physical and emotional health. Ensures all actions taken in carrying out these responsibilities in support of patient centered care.

Unit Specific Position Responsibilities

Practices ethically.

Communicates effectively in all areas of practice.

Facilitates collaboration between patient, family, and the interdisciplinary team in the provision of therapeutic practice.

Evaluates her or his own practice in relation to professional practice standards and guidelines, relevant statutes, rules, and regulations.

Utilizes appropriate resources to plan and provide services that are safe, effective, and financially responsible.

Respects diversity and individualizes care to met the unique needs of the patient.

Establishes partnerships with patients, families, support systems, and other providers, utilizing in-person and electronic communications, to teach a shared goal of delivering health care.

Completes and documents comprehensive psychosocial assessment of the patient and/or the situation.

Analyzes the assessment data to develop the patient's problems list.

Identifies expected outcomes and treatment plan individualized to the patient or the situation.

Develops interventions that prescribes strategies and alternatives to attain expected outcomes.

Implements the identified plan by providing crisis intervention, counseling, education and supportive interventions in a way that builds a relationship between therapist and patient. Documents delivery of these services.

Assists patient/family in determining/acquiring financial resources for payment of clinical services.

Evaluates and documents progress toward attainment of outcomes.

Maintains and improves the healthcare practice environment conducive to the provision of quality health care.

Attains knowledge and competence that reflects current professional therapy practice.

Maintains professional competence.

Continually reassesses competencies and identifies needs for additional knowledge, skills, personal growth, and integrative learning experiences.

Integrates evidence and research findings into practice.

Contributes to and assists in development the quality professional therapy practice.

Demonstrates leadership in the professional practice setting and the profession.

Practices in an environmentally safe and health manner.

Performs de-escalation and violence management interventions to manage physical/verbal aggression by patients.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience

Required Qualifications (Including any licensure, certification, education):

Masters degree in Social Work (MSW), Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling or Psychology.

Two years post-degree experience in a mental health care setting.

Possession of current licensure of Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist or Mental Health Counselor issued by the State of Iowa, Department of Public Health.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Knowledge of theory, principles and techniques of mental health treatment and concepts including group, family and individual therapy.

Knowledge of psychosocial aspects of health care.

Knowledge of the principles of recording and report writing.

Knowledge of public and private welfare and health agencies available to serve the community.

Knowledge of current laws, rules, regulations and guidelines affecting human services and activities and services and its clientele.

Knowledge of current laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and professional codes of ethics as they apply to confidentiality of patient/client and organizational records and information.

Knowledge of supervisory principles and techniques.

Ability to apply previous experience and training to the provision of mental health services.

Ability to analyze problems presented, bringing department, hospital and community resources to bear within existing policies and regulations, and developing and implementing effective courses of action.

Ability to establish effective working relationships with patients/clients, families and staff.

Ability to secure appropriate information by direct or collateral interviews.

Ability to prepare regular and special written and oral reports.

Ability for public speaking.

Ability to effectively supervise staff.

Ability to demonstrate clinical competence and maintain current knowledge in caring for neonatal through geriatric patients.

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