Henry County Health Center
Mount Pleasant

Job Description

Must have current Iowa EMT or Paramedic Certification for EMT. Must have BLS certification for Paramedic and must have BLS, ACLS, and PALS Certification. Excellent clinical and communication skills.

Communicates effectively with patients, students, and the public.Acts as formal/informal role model for first responder and EMT students doing field internships.
Participates in public relations and education efforts.
Explains care and treatment to patients and their families. Provides for the psychological and emotional welfare of the patient and family.
Communicates from field with medical control and allied emergency personnel.

Applies knowledge and skills of emergency prehospital care and treatment.Acts within state of Iowa scope of practice for the EMT-B level.
Provides basic patient assessment and care including assessment and management of the patients airway, breathing, and circulatory status.
Maintains competency in basic airway skills.
Completes required skills maintenance and competency standards.
Performs capably and competently under stressful situations. Demonstrates competence during life threatening situations. Correctly interprets individual situations and acts according to protocol. Is calm and decisive in new or stressful situations. Recognizes limitations and seeks help from appropriate sources. Prioritizes patients conditions. Triages appropriately and according to protocol during a multi-casualty incident.
Knows the principles of anatomy, physiology, and patient care used in emergency prehospital medicine.

Operates and maintains ambulance associated equipment.Safely drives emergency vehicle in accordance with Iowa law and HCHC policy.
Maintains emergency vehicles, medical, and communications equipment.
Performs equipment checks.

Professional development.Attends 80% of staff meetings/in-services.
Attends 100% of mandatory in-services or meetings.
Completes CEHs to maintain EMT-B certification.
Maintains current course completion status in BLS.
Maintains course completion in EVOC. Annual refresher training required.

Performs assigned and requested hospital duties.Assists other hospital departments as requested. Participates as a member of all required emergency response teams.
Assists in controlling of combative patients.
Maintains the cleanliness of the work environment.
Respects patient confidentiality.
Attends to required duties in the Print Shop

Provides for a secure and safe environment.Anticipates safety and security concerns.
Performs in potentially hazardous situations with proper consideration as to the safety of patient, vehicle, partner, and oneself.
Utilizes proper lifting technique at all times.
Utilizes appropriate infection control procedures.

Cooperates as a team member of the department.Adapts to shift work, on call, and overtime.
Follows uniform policy; displays good grooming habits.
Schedules patient transfers appropriately.
Arrives in the department on time and ready to work.
Receptive to change and cooperates in implementation.

Completes written documentation.Completes accurate and complete documents and charges.
Completes documentation before the end of scheduled shift.

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