Mary Greeley Medical Center

Job Description

Under general supervision, transports patients and materials for Medical Center departments.
Ensures all actions taken in carrying out responsibilities support patient centered care.

Position Responsibilities

Unit Specific Position Responsibilities
Prepares for and provides patient transport services from nursing areas to diagnostic and clinical areas (Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, C.T., Ultrasound, Radiation, GI Services, Respiratory Care, Pain Clinic, Radiation Oncology, OR, PACU, Ambulatory Care, ICCU, GI, Dialysis, Morgue).
Makes frequent and systematic rounds to and from nursing areas to pick up lab specimens, central supply equipment and sterile processing, delivering items to the appropriate areas within the medical center.
Transfers patient to/from cart/bed/wheelchair using correct and safe transfer techniques while tending to patient comfort and safety.
Transports and accompanies dismissed patient to appropriate location.
Attends to the patient comfort and safety with courtesy
Prepares for and provides patient transport service to pediatric, adolescent and adults.
Is knowledgeable of infection control recommendations and established policy/procedures.
Complies with Joint Commission agency recommendations and guidelines.
Retrieves and decontaminates reusable patient medical equipment (wheelchairs, stretchers) between patient use according to established procedures.
Performs simple routines, i.e. connecting/disconnecting oxygen, telemetry devices as directed.
Works with department computer information system and electronic paging device. (TDSS)
Assumes responsibility for administering basic life support (BLS) until clinical/medical staff arrives.
Reports problems such as delays, faulty equipment, equipment shortage, etc.
Maintains the department in a clean and orderly manner.
Provides tray set up and room service delivery for late night food trays
Exhibits and promotes a cooperative team spirit.
Protects and preserves patient dignity and confidentiality.
Removes General and potentially infectious medical waste and transports it to a general holding and/or disposal area to assist EVS with room turnover.
Retrieves, decontaminates and moves to storage all reusable patient medical equipment between patient use according to established
Identifies mechanical and structural deficiencies in assigned area and reports them for repair.
Effective written, verbal and non-verbal communication with patients and their families, colleagues, medical staff and the public
Performs tasks as assigned to meet the needs of the organization.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience

Required Qualifications (Including any licensure, certification, education):

Must be BLS certified within 90 days of hire date

Preferred Qualifications:

High school diploma or GED preferred

Required Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Ability to operate a variety of vehicles with automatic transmissions.

Ability to read, write and speak English.

Ability to use telephone, PC and pager system.

Ability to understand oral and written instructions; ability to maintain simple records.

Ability to exhibit and promote a cooperative team spirit.

Experienced in and able to interact with numerous and diverse customers

Excellent communication, problem solving and customer service skills

Ability to adapt quickly to unexpected changes in circumstances

Knowledge of body mechanics and universal/safety precautions

Adherence to Departmental and Hospital policies and procedures

Position requires wearing and maintaining a uniform

Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Previous related work experience in a health care facility is preferred

Skill in the use of transport equipment and or/techniques

Ability to drive a variety of vehicles with standard transmissions.

Employment Type

80 hour Full Time


Day Shift