Respiratory Therapist

Mary Greeley Medical Center

Job Description

Ensures all actions taken in carrying out responsibilities support patient centered care. Under general supervision, performs routine and intensive respiratory care treatment, diagnostic testing, manages routine and critical care equipment, provides patient education and care planning, and assists with discharge planning for patient neonatal through geriatric. Key member of critical care response teams, include Code Blue, Rapid Response Team (ACT team), Trauma Alert, and Cardiac Alert.

Position Responsibilities

Unit Specific Position Responsibilities
Conducts training for new personnel and assists in developing and implementing continuing education programs. Advises respiratory care technicians and assistants.
Stocks patient care areas utilizing LEAN concepts.
Performs routine preventive maintenance on various pieces of equipment.
Assists with on-call responsibilities, as assigned.
Cleans, disinfects and sterilizes various pieces of equipment according to procedures. Assembles and checks equipment function prior to patient use.
Assessment: Observes and monitors signs, symptoms and reactions to respiratory care treatment and diagnostic testing, determines whether these exhibit normal or abnormal characteristics and consults with medical staff and other members of the health care team by making recommendations and suggesting changes as necessary.
Care Plan: Develop, implement, and monitor respiratory care plan.
Routine Therapy: Delivers aerosol therapy, medical gas therapy, chest physical therapy and postural drainage, and incentive breathing exercises. Initiates oxygen therapy per physician order or protocol and advises physician on options available. Periodically checks oxygen therapy delivery system and patient response.
Critical Care: Sets up, operates and troubleshoots mechanical ventilators, CPAP systems and headboxes in ICCU and NICU; checks such functions as flow, volumes, pressures, gas mixture and humidification system. Performs and interprets weaning parameters, determines patient's pulmonary compliance and advises physician of patient's ability to be weaned from mechanical ventilatory support during daily ICU Rounds.
Diagnostics: Performs bedside pulmonary function testing, exhaled gas analysis, ECG testing, and utilizes pulse oximetry to assess, adjust and wean oxygen therapy. Performs arterial blood gas collection, analysis, reporting, and
Airway Maintenance: Suctions patients, assits with tracheostomy care, conscious sedation support, and responds to emergency calls to provide airway maintenance.
External Transports: Coordinates and participates in the transport of certain types of patients by monitoring equipment and cardiopulmonary status of these patients.
Procedure Assist: Assists with special procedures such as bedside bronchoscopy.
Documentation: Maintains medical records and departmental records.
Emergency Response/Support: Key member of critical care response teams, include Code Blue, Rapid Response Team (ACT team), Trauma Alert, and Cardiac Alert.
Age Specific Care: Take into consideration the age, growth and development of the patient when planning and providing care and diagnostic procedures.
Advanced Training: With applicable training and competency assessment, assists with diagnostic bronchoscopies, complete pulmonary function studies including DLCO and TGV, Pulmonary Rehabilitiation, Sleep Studies and as a home medical equipment therapist. [See Special Procedure Therapist]
Assists with discharge planning and contributes to daily patient care conferences.
Participates in community educational programs, smoking cessation and pulmonary function testing to promote health awareness.

Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience

Required Qualifications (Including any licensure, certification, education):

Complete Respiratory Therapy Program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC),

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and,

Successfully complete registry level credentialing examinations offered by the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC) within 6 months of hire.

Must be licensed as Respiratory Care Practitioner by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Preferred Qualifications:

Registry-Level (RRT) credential through NBRC, licensed as RCP in state of Iowa DPH

Required Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Ability to demonstrate and maintain considerable cardiopulmonary care knowledge, patient routine and critical care, equipment, diagnostics, patient education, and care planning for the neonatal through geriatric patient.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Diverse training and experience in Cardiopulmonary Care in various setting, procedures, diagnostics, and critical care.

Two years experience in acute care.

Employment Type

Regular Part Time (RPT)


Varied Shifts